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11.3. Node Replication Control

The names of the replications sets of which changes should be received can be set when adding the node to the BDR cluster using the (optional) replication_sets parameter to bdr.bdr_group_create, bdr.bdr_group_join and bdr.bdr_subscribe. This parameter is an array of replication set names. The replication set do not have to exist to be referenced by replication_sets.

To change one node's replication sets in a running BDR cluster, the bdr.connection_set_replication_sets functions should be used. Changes only need to be made on one node, since BDR connection configuration is its self replicated to all other nodes. The global DDL lock is not taken by this operation.

Changes to replication set memberships will generally take effect after the transaction currently being processed by a node. To force the change to take effect immediately it is safe to pg_terminate_backend(...) the BDR apply workers running on all nodes. They will reconnect and resume work on the last transaction they were working on, with the new replication set configuration enabled.