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Appendix A. Release notes

Table of Contents
A.1. Release 1.0.6
A.2. Release 1.0.5
A.3. Release 1.0.4
A.4. Release 1.0.3
A.5. Release 1.0.2
A.6. Release 1.0.1
A.7. Release 1.0.0
A.8. Release 0.9.3
A.9. Release 0.9.2
A.10. Release 0.9.1
A.11. Release 0.9.0
A.12. Release 0.8.0
A.13. Release 0.7.0

Signficant changes to the BDR extension are documented in the release notes. Please read the release notes for all versions between yours and the version to plan to upgrade to before performing an upgrade, as there may be version-specific upgrade steps.

See also: Upgrading BDR.