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A.10. Release 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 is a maintenance release focused on stability and performance.

Important: There is a minor incompatible bug fix in this release. The direction of replication sets is reversed between nodes whose set memberships differ. Previously, if node A was a member of set x, and node B was a member of set y, then a table that is part of set x would be replicated from A=>B but not B=>A. That is reversed as of BDR 0.9.1 so that nodes receive data on tables that are part of their replication sets.

Significant improvements to BDR in this release include:

Where available a github bug number follows the release entry. Additional details are available from the changelog in git.

Two changes add minor new functionality:

As of 0.9.1 it is now possible for sessions to SET bdr.permit_ddl_locking = false to cause commands that would require the global DDL lock to be acquired to instead fail with an ERROR. Administrators may choose to set this in postgresql.conf then have sessions that intend to do DDL override it. See bdr.permit_ddl_locking and DDL replication for more information.

The new information function bdr.bdr_apply_is_paused() can be called on a node to determine whether replay from peer nodes is paused on that node.