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Chapter 3. Installation

Table of Contents
3.1. BDR requirements
3.2. Installing BDR from packages
3.2.1. RHEL, Fedora and CentOS
3.2.2. Debian or Ubuntu
3.2.3. Installing from packages on Windows
3.3. Installing BDR from source
3.3.1. Prerequisites for installing from source
3.3.2. Getting BDR source code
3.3.3. Installation of BDR from source

It is possible to install BDR from binary packages or from source.

In general you should choose binary packages if they are available for your platform.

Source installs are mainly useful if you want to keep track of the very latest BDR development and contribute to development. They're also the only option if there are no packages for your operating system yet.

Before installing BDR make sure you satisfy the BDR requirements.