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12.3. Conflict handler management functions

The following functions manage conflict handlers ("conflict triggers"):

Table 12-3. Conflict handler management functions

FunctionReturn TypeDescription
bdr.bdr_create_conflict_handler(ch_rel, ch_name, ch_proc, ch_type, ch_timeframe) voidRegisters a conflict handler procedure named ch_name on table ch_rel to invoke the conflict handler procedure ch_proc when a conflict occurs within the interval ch_timeframe. See Multi-master conflicts for details.
bdr.bdr_create_conflict_handler(ch_rel, ch_name, ch_proc, ch_type) voidThe same as above, but always invoked irrespective of how different the two conflicting rows are in age, so takes no timeframe argument.
bdr.bdr_drop_conflict_handler(ch_rel, ch_name) voidUnregisters the conflict handler procedure named ch_name on table ch_rel. See Multi-master conflicts.