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A.11. Release 0.9.0

The 0.9.0 release was tagged on Tue Mar 24 2015 as git tag bdr-plugin/0.9.0. This release requires bdr-Pg bdr-pg/REL9_4_1-1 to support full BDR functionality.

Development of BDR 0.9.0 was performed by the 2ndQuadrant BDR team. Multiple customers contributed funding and other resources to make this release possible. 2ndQuadrant continues to fund the ongoing development of BDR to meet internal needs and those of customers.

Significant features and improvements to BDR in this release include:

A.11.1. Dynamic configuration

The biggest change with 0.9.0 is that connections between nodes are now configured using the bdr.bdr_group_create and bdr.bdr_group_join SQL function calls. It is no longer necessary to restart any existing nodes when joining a node. Even the newly joining node can join without a restart if it was initially configured with the settings required for running BDR (see PostgreSQL settings for BDR).

bdr.connections is now unused and ignored. If it remains in postgresql.conf a warning will be issued in the PostgreSQL log on startup.

For details, see the Node management chapter.

A.11.2. Easy node removal

The new bdr.bdr_part_by_node_names function allows easy online node removal. There is no need to restart nodes or to manually delete replication identifiers and slots. Multiple nodes may be removed at once.

A.11.3. bdr_init_copy makes its own base backup

bdr_init_copy can now make its own base backup of the target node, and does so by default. Its user interface has also been overhauled as part of the update to support dynamic configuration.

A.11.4. Documentation in the source tree

Formal documentation has been written and added to the BDR source tree to replace the prior ad-hoc wiki based documentation. This allows users to more easily refer to documentation specific to their particular version and permits the documentation to be updated at the same time as the source code.

A.11.5. FreeBSD compatibility

BDR is now tested and built automatically on FreeBSD.

A.11.6. New helper functions

Many new helper functions have been added, see SQL functions.