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BDR 1.0.7 Documentation

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group

This book is the official documentation of BDR 1.0.7 for use with PostgreSQL 9.4 (the BDR-patched version of it). It has been written by the PostgreSQL and BDR developers and other volunteers in parallel to the development of the BDR software. It describes all the functionality that the current version of BDR officially supports.

BDR was initially developed at 2ndQuadrant; others have joined the effort. Contributions are appreciated and welcome. Multiple 2ndQuadrant customers contribute funding to make BDR development possible.

2ndQuadrant, a Platinum sponsor of the PostgreSQL project, continues to develop BDR to meet internal needs and those of customers. 2ndQuadrant is also working actively with the PostgreSQL community to integrate BDR into PostgreSQL. Other companies as well as individual developers are welcome to participate in the efforts.

Multiple technologies emerging from BDR development have already become integral part of core PostgreSQL, such as Event Triggers, Logical Decoding, Replication Slots, Background Workers, Commit Timestamps, Replication Origins, DDL event capture, generic WAL messages for logical decoding.

Table of Contents
I. Getting started
1. BDR overview
2. Quick-start guide
3. Installation
II. BDR administration manual
4. Configuration Settings
5. Node Management
6. Command-line Utilities
7. Monitoring
8. DDL Replication
9. Multi-master conflicts
10. Global Sequences
11. Replication Sets
12. Functions
13. Catalogs and Views
14. Upgrading BDR
A. Release notes
A.1. Release 1.0.6
A.2. Release 1.0.5
A.3. Release 1.0.4
A.4. Release 1.0.3
A.5. Release 1.0.2
A.6. Release 1.0.1
A.7. Release 1.0.0
A.8. Release 0.9.3
A.9. Release 0.9.2
A.10. Release 0.9.1
A.11. Release 0.9.0
A.12. Release 0.8.0
A.13. Release 0.7.0
B. Verifying digital signatures