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A.6. Release 0.7.0

BDR 0.7.0 was tagged on Tue Aug 19 2014 as git tag bdr/0.7.0. The 0.7.0 release was the first BDR release for which RPM packages were available, and the first significant release to the public.

0.7.0 was based on PostgreSQL 9.4 beta2. It is not on-disk compatible with final PostgreSQL releases.

There was no separate bdr-pg for this release.

Detailed release information for 0.7.0 and prior releases may be found in the git tree.

0.7.0 was followed by a bugfix release, 0.7.1 on Tue Sep 2 2014 as git tag bdr/0.7.1. See the tag comments for details.